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The premise of this event is a unique one, that can be looked at from many angles.

All art from every artist will be priced at the exact same price: $1000.

The purpose is not to pin artists vs artists, but to challenge the artists

to come up with something

unique  given the price point.

With the rising pricing of glass art this idea has sparked

some debate in the industry, but we feel it’s all for the better.

Most artists tend to make something worth more than $1000. Either as a way to give back to the collectors who have shown them support over the years, or to challenge themselves to come up with something new - if their work normally  sells for well over $1000. During this show everyone is EQUAL. 

There’s a lot of angles to this show whether you are a collector, artist, or even someone new getting into this scene. Come and be part of the 6th Annual 1KSHOW!

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